Functions of Commission


The Commission is established to perform the following functions:-

  • Supervise and regulate the proper and effective carrying out of the Provisions of the Mining Act;
  • Regulate and monitor the mining industry and mining operations in Tanzania;
  • Ensure orderly exploration and exploitation of mineral resources and the optimal utilization of mineral resources at all mining operations in accordance with the mining policies and strategy;
  • Resolve disputes arising out of mining operations or activities;
  • Carry-out inspections or investigations on health and safety issues related to mining operations or activities;
  • Advise the Government on, and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations related to the health and safety of persons involved in mining operations or activities;
  • Monitor and audit environment management, environmental budget and expenditure for progressive rehabilitation and mine closure;
  • Counteract minerals smuggling and minerals royalty evasion in collaboration with relevant Government authorities;
  • Advise the Government on all matters relating to the administration of the Mineral sector with main focus on monitoring and auditing of mining operations to maximize Government revenue;
  • Promote and conduct research and development in the mineral sector that will lead to increased Government Revenue;
  • Examine and monitor implementation of feasibility reports; mining Programs and plans; annual mining performance reports; and environmental management plans and reports of the Commission;
  • Secure a firm basis of comprehensive data collection on national mineral resource and technologies of exploration and exploitation for national decision making;
  • Issue, suspend and revoke licenses and permits under the mining Laws and Regulations as amended from time to time;
  • Monitor compliance with the laid down standards in mining operations, laws and the terms and conditions of mineral rights;
  • Monitor and audit quality and quantity of minerals produced and sold by large, medium and small scale miners;
  • Audit capital investment and operating expenditure of the large and medium scale mines;
  • Sort and assess values of minerals produced by large, medium and small scale miners;
  • Produce indicative prices of minerals with reference to prevailing Local and International markets;
  • Verify the forecasted capital investment specified under Section 41 (4)(c) of the Mining Act;
  • Supervise and monitor the implementation of local content plan and corporate social responsibility by a mineral right holder; and
  • Provide, upon request, information to a mineral right holder or any other person who is engaged in mining operations.